A Woman to Me..

  –I was inspired today, and just wrote a short poem on the Woman I hope I can one day fully be. & also pay tribute to the woman who already embody and exalt these characteristics.– A woman to me walks with Faith & Grace in God & her beliefs. She grows wise & resilient … More A Woman to Me..

Sweetheart Swirl Bark 

Ingredients: – Mini Sweethearts  – Sprinkles  – Semi Sweet Cut Coarsed Chocolate (8oz) – White Chocolate Cut Coarsed (8oz)  – Red Food Coloring  Supply’s :  – Baking Pan  – Baking Sheet – Glass Bowl  -Spoon 1. Prep baking pan by placing down backing sheet..Place The cut coarsed semi sweet chocolate in glass bowl and check … More Sweetheart Swirl Bark 

Acai Bowl

½ Frozen Banana 3 Cut Strawberries Blueberries, Raspberry’s, or Blackberries 2% Milk (Milk of Choice) Bag of Granola 1 Kiwi Acai Packet (Sambazon) Add Acai Mix, Frozen Banana, Cut Strawberries, some berries, and ¼ cup of Milk into blender. Blend until you end up with a thick consistency. Now, just pour into a bowl, add … More Acai Bowl

My First Tattoo..

Today, I accomplished something that I never thought I would. Getting a tattoo! Now, before I get into the whole meaning behind the tattoo I just want to say.. Yes I was deathly terrified of the pain I would experience getting this tiny tat (it didn’t hurt at all lol) I realized this is going … More My First Tattoo..