Oh, What A Mother’s Day!

The weekend leading up to Mothers Day, on a Friday mid-afternoon my sister Chasmine and I went to Taylor Floral to order my mom flowers. We picked the lovely flowers we wanted in the vase , included a sweet note, and looked forward to picking them up the next day. The following day I worked a 9-12 shift at work and once I got off of work I saw my sister and her friend rushing  to get all ready for prom since they were a little bit behind, and had to be ready by 1. I was helping my sister with her hair, and already had in my mind what I needed to do that day. Which was help get Chasmine ready for Prom (check), go with her to take her Prom pics, and then pick up the flowers. Before we headed out the door to take prom pics I checked my phone and happened to check my recent calls. For some reason I had several missed calls from a Taylor area code. It didn’t dawn on me until about 10 mins later that it was the Floral place. Once I did realize that it was Taylor Floral calling me I checked their hours and sure enough they closed at 12! For some reason I thought I heard a later time in the day and was disappointed at myself. Although I tried to call back several times it was unfortunately to late, and the worst part is they are closed on Sundays so I knew my mom wasn’t going to be getting her flowers for Mother’s Day.

Come Mother’s Day I told my mom what happened and of course she understood and we both laughed cause “my luck” lol. We celebrated Mother’s Day fairly simple by just watching a movie, and helping my mom get some stuff loaded to move since we’re in the process of moving at the moment. Although, I wish we could’ve did more for my mom such as maybe take her out to eat, and give her a well deserved spa day, we all enjoyed the company of one another especially since we were all reunited once again since Cameryn and I came back home from college for the summer. Towards the end of the day once we were all done loading stuff in the truck and packing some more things around the house my mom gave the kids and I some money to go get some ice cream. I took the kids to DQ and remembered I had my moms Mother’s Day card in the back seat of my car. I told the kids to start passing the pen around and sign the card. Chasmine was the first to see the card and asked if Derrick (my step dad) got the card for my mom. I told her, “no I picked it up in College Station earlier this week, why?” She laughed uncontrollably and said it says ” For My Wife on Mother’s Day..” All of us then started busted out laughing! I told them oh well, sign the card! LOL. It’s the thought that counts anyways! Plus it’ll make for good laughs down the road!

We arrived back home and end up giving her the card which she could not stop laughing and I told her how I wondered why every other card I was picking up that day in that section when I went said wife and I finally got one (so I thought) that just said “Happy Mothers Day” . I was wrongly mistaken about that and the funniest part is when you open the card the song “What A Wonderful World” plays!

Now Monday, I finally was able to pick up the flowers from the shop and the florist and I both shared a giggle when I did. My mom was working in the garage packing up some stuff and she had a bright smile on her face when she saw me get out of the car when I arrived home with them. We both embraced in a long hug and she said thank you for the beautiful flowers.

Better late than never I presume!

Love you Mommy ❤️  Thank you for all you do for us kids and the sacrifices you make for us day in and day out. Your patience, strength, beauty, faith, kindheartedness, independence, wisdom, and love you exude from within is everything I aspire to be as a woman and future mother one day.

“I am everything I am, because you loved me. ”

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day with their moms/mother figures in their life!


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