Sweetheart Swirl Bark 

– Mini Sweethearts 

– Sprinkles 

– Semi Sweet Cut Coarsed Chocolate (8oz)

– White Chocolate Cut Coarsed (8oz) 

– Red Food Coloring 

Supply’s : 

– Baking Pan 

– Baking Sheet

– Glass Bowl 


1. Prep baking pan by placing down backing sheet..Place The cut coarsed semi sweet chocolate in glass bowl and check every so 30 secs and stir unitil completely melted.

2. Spoon out the semi sweet chocolate into the baking pan..spread evenly, for thin Bark..and for thick bark do not spread the melted chocolate as much.

3. Melt the  Cut coarsed white chocolate. Check every 30 secs or so to see if it’s completely melted. Once melted mix red food coloring in. 

4. Drizzle the now “pink” melted white chocolate on top of the melted chocolate. 

5. Add sprinkles and the semi sweethearts.

6. Finally, cool at room temp. for 45mins or place in the refrigerator to speed up the process..& it’s all done! 

Perfect for a Valentines get together! 


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